This is Ms. Jessome's wiki space for grades 6 to 8 LANGUAGE ARTS at Chipman Forest Avenue School.

Just for fun
Photo Contest--> http://www.gettoknow.ca/ca/contest/rules.php


Check out these sites!

Site dedicated to phonics activities including vowel and consonant blends. Activities include online games and poems.

Video clips for all subject areas

http://www.whizkidgames.com/ This is an interactive game site for students with reading challenges.

http://www.readinga-z.com/samples/preview.html?tour=true Free reading site! (Limited access)
http://www.arcademicskillbuilders.com - free educational math games and language arts games will engage, motivate, and help teach students
http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/keyboarding_games.html - good site to practice keyboarding skills. There are also links on the side for other areas.